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With Alyssa...

You'll get beautiful recordings for an affordable rate. Located in Dallas, TX, Alyssa specializes in stereo recordings, perfect for concerts, recitals, and pre-screening auditions.

As a flute player herself, she records any instrument, including voice, with detail and precision. Her previous experience recording these events gives her insight and knowledge as well as a returning client base.

Services include:

Live recital recordings

Audition recordings

Concert recordings - large and small ensembles

Vocal and instrumental

Audio and HD video!

Keep scrolling to hear some samples!

audio samples 

video samples 

Idamante's aria from Idomeneo
Joyner Horn, mezzo-soprano

I. Ten Thousand Miles Away
II. On the Other Shore
III. The Farmer's Curst Wife
Tenor- Matthew Corcoran
Collaborative Artist: Fangfei Chen

Performed for Chelsea Seener Gornall's Master's Recital
Soprano: Chelsea
Mezzo-Soprano: Bridget

Excerpt from "Three Poems of Fiona Macleod" by Charles Griffes, III. The Rose of the Night
Sarah Lennertz- Soprano

Performed by the New England Flute Orchestra of Indian Hill Music
Innes Glas Mor by Lisa LeMay
For more information on the New England Flute Orchestra of Indian Hill Music, visit http://indianhillmusic.org/school/flute-orchestra.html
Performed on May 21, 2017 by the group formerly known as the Nashua Flute Choir


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You can reach me at my cell, (978) 998-9994, or my email by filling out the form below and I will get back to you!

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